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VIR is inspired by V=IR which is Ohm’s law in physics . It denotes the relationship between “voltage, current and resistance” in an electrical circuit. Also, VIR is said to someone who is “brave” and “courageous” like our Indian army soldiers.

Why VIR?

The design of VIR-BIKE was inspired by an army soldier’s “kneeling unsupported firing position.” The body or frame is the most sturdy, comparable to that of an army soldier, and the motor and batteries are high-performing and efficient, comparable to that of an army soldier’s josh. We are confident that this product will benefit both the environment and the health of your family.


Ravi Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO

Ravi, the CEO of VirBike, is recognized as a dynamic business leader with a visionary approach and extensive mechanical engineering expertise.

Sahil Uttekar

Co-Founder and R&D Head

Sahil's expertise in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in EV systems has led VirBike's innovation, making them a leader in sustainable mobility.


VIRBIKE will be the premier ebike consumer brand, setting the standard for performance, reliability, and design. We will be the industry leader in providing innovative and stylish ebike products that enhance the lives of cyclists around the world. Through our commitment to quality and customer service, we will continue to be the most trusted and respected name in the ebike market.


VIRBIKE is committed to providing top-of-the-line ebikes and accessories to customers, delivering an exceptional and safe riding experience.

udChalo & VIR
udChalo supported and encouraged Army Officer, Lt. Col Bharat Pannu, an avid cyclist on his Guinness Book of World Record-Breaking Solo Cycling Expeditions for two consecutive years 2019 and 2020 and made it into the Guinness World Records for these activities.
udChalo performed VIR while keeping the problems faced by armed forces and initiative in this sector in mind.